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    What is Esther.ai

    Esther.ai is a generative Artificial Intelligence (genAI) software testing and debugging SaaS platform, which assists software development teams in accelerating and reducing the cost of introducing new market features. 


    Esther.ai does so by reducing software testing and bug fixing costs, time, and effort; detecting bugs, defects, and security vulnerabilities earlier in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC); and increasing functional and non-functional testing coverage.

    Which challenges Esther.ai solves?

    Why Use Esther.ai

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    Escalating Cost

    Cost of finding defects increases dramatically over time, with finding them in system testing being 40x more costly than coding and deployment 640x more expensive due to difficulty in tracking and reproducing defects, and the impact of necessary changes.

    2018-12-10 ArthurHicken The Shift-Left Approach to Software Testing image4

    Reduces defect cost

    Using Esther.ai, defects and issues will be found significant earlier and at the “cheap” end of the costs graph, reducing defect cost.

    2018-12-10 ArthurHicken The Shift-Left Approach to Software Testing image6

    Maximizing Efficiency

    Esther.ai reduces the cost of finding and fixing defects in software development using a shift-left approach. This involves implementing best practices and leveraging continuous testing. Esther.ai helps identify and prevent defects earlier in the process and create fewer bugs overall, leading to a more secure and high-quality application.

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