The Future of Website Testing & SEO Improvements delivers indepth automated testing; providing insights, recommendations, and discovery. 

Completly AI-powered, save hours of development time and build solutions quickly.

Receive an AI Website Analysis

In Depth SEO Audits

In the ever changing Search Engine Optimziation (SEO) landscape it can be tough to stay on top of it all.

Esther AI allows for quick reviews across all potential search engines, browsers, and multiple times a day. Combined with smart severity level analysis you can tackle the biggest fish first and see real impact, real fast.

Entire Site SEO Analysis in Seconds

No Site Size Limits

Quick Re-Testing

Severity Levels

SEO issues are not the same, and proritizing issues ensures you handle the most impactful issues first.

Move the needle with Esther AI, easily find your biggest issues and resolve them.

Browser Capability

Review the performance of your site’s SEO on all browers, all at once.

Ensure you are ranking and searchable on all popular browers: Chrom, Edge, Firefox, and more.

Capture on All Search Engines

Ensure your site ranks on all potential search engines. This means you can rank your listing on Google and Bing. 

Optimzing for all search engines means more traffic for your site.

Traditional Testing vs AI Testing

See immediate cost savings for application development teams who want to bring new features to market faster and cheaper.

Reduce testing costs and effort by finding defects earlier while increasing functional and non-functional testing coverage.


Cost Reduction


Test Coverage


Faster Delivery

Side by side comparison of Traditional Testing vs Esther AI*

Traditional Testing

Test Cases per Hour

Effort Testing 900 Test Cases

Cost per test case ($)

Esther AI

Test Cases per Hour

Effort Testing 900 Test Cases

Cost per test case ($)

Actionable Accessibility Testing

Esther AI is able to distinguish potential accessibility issues accross an entire website fast. Filtering these issues by severity, you can see what your users are struggling with.


A problem without an example is a little difficult to diagnoise. Esther AI provides an example to help developers & managers review.


Once issues are discovered, get immediate solution suggesions to streamline the resolution process.


Find solutions to problems quickly with Esther AI.

Issue Found

Sample issue from Esther AI client.

Reference Example

Sample example from Esther AI client.

Solution Provided

Sample solution from Esther AI client.

Testimonials with Impact

Esther AI provides impactful data easily, and helps empower teams to deliver better products.

Printera discovered hidden bugs with Esther AI

I was amazed to learn that the official Printera website has a great number of issues spanning severity levels that make it particularly hard to consume for accessibility applications.

CEO at Printera

Continuously Adding New Features

The Esther AI team is working on utilizing AI in the most forward thinking methods. 

Up coming features are ready in beta and are being tested. 


We would love to hear what features you are excited to see. 


Optimize global reach with automated localization testing for diverse audiences.

Ensure your target markets are getting the best of your brand, view test results across your markets instantly with Esther AI.

Compatibility - Coming Soon

Ensure seamless performance with compatibility testing across devices and browsers.

Accessibility - Coming Soon

Ensure inclusivity with automated accessibility testing for all user needs.

Enjoy Cost Savings & Deliver Results with Esther AI

Don’t settle for low ROI, increase testing speed and quality with automation, and put your savings to good use.

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